Our mission statement is; "We are a family enterprise dedicated to providing quality real estate solutions for business and life".  Therefore, Crestview Investment Corporation and our management companies, Lawrence Construction and Bert F. Grant Management value our residents and endeavours to treat each resident fairly and with respect.  As a result, we strive to provide our residents with prompt service and repairs in order to establish many satisfied long term residents.  We pride ourselves on our honour, integrity, ability and loyalty .

Below please find some of the forms that will assist us in providing the service we pride ourselves in offering our residents.


Request to Repair and Consent to Entry Form

Please print and fill out this form and return it to your building superintendent for any service and repair issues you may have with your suite.  By providing this form to the superintendent you are consenting to allow the superintendent entry into your suite to investigate and plan a resolution for the issues you may have.

Lawrence Construction Request to Repair and Consent to Entry.pdf

Grant Management Request to Repair and Consent to Entry.pdf

Information For New Tenants

New and existing residents will find this Landlord and Tenant Board information sheet helpful in answering some of the basic questions regarding residential tenancies.

Information for New Tenants.pdf

Ending a Tenancy

Please find below information provided by the Landlord and Tenant Board about ending a residential tenancy.  Please print and fill out the approved Landlord and Tenant Board Tenant's Notice to Terminate Tenancy - Form N9 and return it to your building superindentant should you unfortunately need to vacate one of our properties.  Please remember that month to month tenants are required to provide at least 60 days notice at the end of a month to vacate.

Information on Ending a Tenancy.pdf

Tenant's Notice to Terminate Tenancy - Form N9.pdf

 Pre-Authorized Debit Form

At many of our residential properties, we now offer our residents the option to pay their rent by pre-authorized debit (PAD).  By signing up for PAD a tenant will no longer have to provide cheques for rent.  On the 1st of each month the rent will be automatically withdrawn from the resident's bank account.  Residents that are interested can print off the PAD form below, provide a void cheque and drop it off with their superintendent to enroll in the program. 

Pre-Authorized Debit PAD form.pdf