TypeProperty NameBase RentTMIAreaContact Info
Retail12 Fairview Road RetailInquire for more information.Approximately 6,000 to 7,000 square feet. sqft.416-444-6633
Industrial36 Shelley Road$6.00$2.4527,337 sqft.416-444-6633
Office20 Amber Street Office$7.00 - $7.50$8.701,400 - 3,304 sqft.416-444-6633
Industrial70 Newkirk Road$7.00$3.256,171 sqft.416-444-6633
Office1020 Denison Street$8.00$8.871,215 sqft.416-444-6633
Office245 Eglinton Ave. E$16.75$16.9513,000 sqft.416-444-6633
Office345 Lakeshore Road East$22.90Included in Rent with 2014 base year.690 - 2,377 sqft.416-444-6636
Retail345 Lakeshore Road East - Retail$23.00Included in Rent with 2014 base year.2,908 sqft.416-444-6636
RetailMount Pleasant Stores$30.00$20.62804 sqft.416-444-6633